Monday, 14 May 2012

One doesn't simply walk into Mordor

 One doesn't simply walk into Mordor
A group of friends and myself are doing a sponsored walk to raise money for CLIC SARGENT. The title of this post doesn't really explain much, but the reason for the title is because we are walking from a golf course just north of London called 'The Shire' to a apparent shop in Holland called 'Mordor'!
The walk is around 200 miles, and we hope to get there in 10 days, averaging at about 20 miles a day! So we best toughen up the soles of our Hobbitsy feet and raise some money! 

Here is the link for our 'My Donate' page so that anyone interested can donate to a good cause online! 

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    Wow.. Clearly this is about my comment on your painting earlier? I really apologize if you took it as being rude, because that was definitely not my intention. I really liked your painting, all I did was giving you a suggestion on what you could improve since it said it was a 'progress' painting.
    I'm sorry if you understood it differently..

    And about being an art nerd. It does not have to mean anything about how I paint myself, but that I have a great interest for art, and that does not mean only my own but other art as well, art in general.
    But I'm sure you said that only because of being upset.

    Again, I'm sorry for upsetting you.