Friday, 24 June 2011

Would you believe me when I tell you, you're the queen of my heart.

Having had the last 5 days with no work to go to, I have become insanely bored so the little things I do in a day have to be exaggerated in my head to make them seem worthwhile.
Highlights of my day include, stretching my ears back to normal (after the whole infection thing and them shrinking :( ), feeding the fish, having a bath, re-alphabetising our DVD's as no one can seem to stick to the system! (by 'the' system I mean my system)  pairing up all of our socks, managing to fit all of mine and Jason's clothes into our single chest of drawers.
Look as it all closed and lovely!
All of my ear tapers on top there! niiiccceeee.
I also put trinkets into my printers frame, finally! which I got at a carboot for 50p, pure bargain.

 I got the midsummers night dream miniature book a few years ago in Kims book shop in Chichester, and at a carboot a few weeks ago found a whole collection of miniature classics. Oh so very lovely and pointless, the text is small enough for an instant migraine but don't they look so lovely on my shelf... (minus the fact the are in front of all of my box sets, and Jason's World of Warcraft boxes... remember they are Jason's not mine.)

 Just to show you how small they really are.
 Everything a girl needs by her bedside.
I have just realised how this has turned into me showing off my incredibly messy room, although it is indeed organised mess, and very clean. I like clean.

 I ♥ Love.
Johnstons symbolic visions help me sleep.
 Before I moved in Jason's desk was here, this wall started with the picture of the hippo I brought home for him on the right and a few pictures of me, a very good mix of course.

 I needed the poster, but was very freaked out by the genitals, so here is a travel tag I made with an angry National Geographic woman on it.

Candy coloured clown.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

I do not need you to tell me that I'm not a cat.


You're the icing on the cake, on the table at my wake.

"Recently, I've been writing a lot of songs about the devil and outerspace. I'm not really into God or any of that shit, but I'm pretty sure I got a visit from the devil."
Isaac Brock. 

 I have never really gone through a phase of not listening to Modest Mouse, (since finding them, obviously I wasn't falling in love with Brock in the womb) but recently, I cannot stop opening my ears to them, and spending scary, stalkerish amounts of time on the internet reading interviews, watching live performances, and finding out where Brock was born and where he could possibly be now so if I ever got the chance I could go to his house and collect his cigarette butts, or something similar.

Well I have also been painting, but yet again failed to put enough attention into the drawing because I am too excited to whack out the brushes. But ALAS a sneaky little projector is on it's way for use on huge canvas's, as I am incapable to use a pencil. I know a lot of people see that as 'cheating' but fuck it, my drawing skills have never been good, I love working with paint and colour and anyone who knows me will know I have no perception of scale. Maybe I should just buy some of those painting by numbers kits, now that would keep me a busy bee. 
 It's a pretty big canvas, and I decided to use water colours... on raw canvas, which is a lot more effort than I originally expected. I ended up starting one of the eyes in oils, after sitting straight in front of the canvas for hours, and not taking one step back to look at it, I realised that I had painting the first eye at a ridiculous angle. There was anger, nearly tears, and a lot of cigarettes to be had after this realisation. However I did really like the part that I had done in watercolour, and very much wish I hadn't even bothered getting the oils out, especially due to the fact I only had a drop of turp to used... which made every colour grey. Fantastic. And now you will see that I ended up having a lot more fun just taking pictures of the inside of my paint box that was made by my mother in school and is covered in Rupert the Bear cartoon strips. Come to think of it I really should have taken a picture of the outside. I also took pictures of the page from a book I used as a palette, which ended up looking very nice, although I was rather annoyed that I wasted a music page for mixing paints that are on a canvas I will eventually rip off of the frame and throw away without ever bothering to put to any use. It's not really a waste of money though, as the canvas and frame I used, I got in a swap for one of my typewriters I never used, so really it is only a loss of a day, not of money, which is a horrible thing really.