Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Secret life of a Hedgehog.

So, we I have a new fascination in my life, I may as well be on country file. 
He lives in our garden, and is the happiest little guy in the world. 
(that is of course, if he is a 'guy')

New resident.

 There are no words.

 Drunkenly trying to photograph a mouse, without the flash.
 Our new garden friend.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Hot shots.

I can pretend I am behind the scenes.
Star Wars.



Rebel without a cause.

Requiem for a dream.

The muppets of course!

The shining.

The birds.

I wish I could have found more of them, I particularly love 'The Shining' image, Jack Nicholson looks so in character still, although I suppose he always has that looks about him, even with a very blurred face, but you feel less scared when you notice Stanley Kubrick in the mirror taking the picture of himself. I think I am particularly intrigued by The Shining as I have recently read to book, and then minutes within finishing the last page, threw the film into the xbox and watched the motion picture, Its pretty amazing how, Stanley Kubrick could create such an amazing adaptation of such a brilliant book, and not make the audience come to dislike or prefer either. When watching the film straight after the book, you see that they are almost completely different stories, although of course based on the same idea, in the film Kubrick adapted the characters to show the irrationality in the book but through actions and not thoughts, which some how completely changed the way you view the character, just like in the book how Jack becomes to hate the boy in his play. In the book even through all of the madness you somehow can't help but love Jack Torrence a little bit, and almost want him to succeed in what he is doing, purely because you know it would make him so happy which seem obscene unless you have read the book. In the film Jack comes across as pure madness, and you hope for anyone to kill him, because you come to despise him. In the book, as useless as Wendy can be, she still seems to be a strong mother who would do anything to protect her child, yet in the film she is without a doubt Olive Oil waving a baseball bat around like a limp noodle. The same can be said for Danny, but I think that his character must have been the hardest to portray, considering in the book he is shown to be such an intelligent boy, but purely through Tony showing him things, and his whole past in general, which is missed out in the film, as he is just supposed to have this gift, and that is all. Despite all of these things, Kubrick made up for these by adding the cult snippets, such as 'all work and no play' and Tony being 'the little boy who lives in my mouth', which have made history. I make it sound as if I am totally bias to the book, of which I am not, it's probably down to the fact that I only recently read the book, and have watched the film many times over the years, so I purely find it more fascinating.

Well, I was not planning on the big Shining talk, this was purely supposed to be a few 'cool' photos.

Anyway, here is a photo of myself with my out of control hair which will soon be tamed by a hairdresser for the first time in 4 years.

Friday, 13 May 2011


 I have a new sketchbook, which I decided to cover and make a little bit nicer than the depressing black grainy norm of a sketchbook. 
Here you go.


 A painting of Jason which did not go too well. He has a very strange mouth, and for some reason his hair was black in the photo, and it is actually blonde, which was hard to deal with.