Monday, 21 March 2011

A walk in the wind

 I have repeatedly been listening to 'Hi how are you' at the moment, which is very nice and ended up being all creepy and looking through pictures of Daniel Johnston, for hours... and thought I may as well put my stalking to good use!
I was also looking at Jeff Magnums ATP weekend the other day and noticed another ATP event at minehead in May, which to my delight had Daniel Johnston (written very small at the bottom of the poster, which is shameful) playing, with the likes of Built to Spill and Coco Rosie, and I nearly cried, until I noticed that next to May, it said 2010. Not impressed.

It is hard to find good drawings on the Internet, and I could not quite bare to take the poster down to scan it in case of it ripping.

 I think I would probably just put every song he ever sang up if I wasn't scared to look like a stalker, so instead THIS (you may need spotify)

It wouldn't be right if I did not find this.

 Just darling.

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