Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The real buttons of orange county.

These bracelets are so beautiful, me being a massive dick saw them on Tavi's blog (which seems to have disapeared) and was determined to find some as they are lovely and very much go with my Mary plugs, (note - i am not in the slightest religious, I just had a bit of a thing for the pretty pretty pictures...) which I got a few years ago in a strange little shop in Portsmouth, it is a strangely good place to find plugs...

This being one of the plugs, obviously the mary one, I just could not be bothered to take another picture, so theres a few more in there for free. (I joke I joke)

But anyway, the whole point of this post, and the reason I just spent the last hour taking ridiculous pictures of buttons, but some pretty awesome ones.
So my sewing box, consists of a shelf on the top which is supposed to be for threads etc, but I keep my threads mainly in another box, in here, I keep my favourite buttons! (most of which I got given by family which belonged to my mother and aunties, which they got given by previous family members, so there is a lot to be loved about them) and then in the base of the box and my next favourites and then there is more in many other places. I know it seems utterly ridiculous to be making posts on buttons but I have no much else to do with my day.

The bulk of it.
(It is a lot deeper than the picture seems to look)

I don't know why I felt the need to justify my collection of buttons.

SO. I thought I would also take a few pictures of practical things I have made recently, first being my kindle cover... and I seem to have a massive love for this fabric and have used it for a lot recently, and am running out, which saddens me greatly.
This button... this button is lovely! I have two more of them, I probably should have saved them for a set, but it went too well with the fabric

Ipod case, which I made today...


I am not really one for silver, but these have a nice dirty silver to them which is lovely yes it is LOVELY

Possibly the cutest buttons I own, which in a way I hope to never use, just so that I never lose them.

My favourite ones, I still have not take them apart from the thread as I am so desperate to keep them as a set, a beautiful gold swirly set.

I did have one other of the Bee button but I used it on a dress I made last year, which was definitely worth it.

Yum yum yum

The twee collection

Now it is done, this post seems rather pointless, as when I was planning it in my head I had so much more to say, I am also listening to the Harry Potter audio books at the same time which is rather distracting.
But yes buttons.


  1. RIIIGHT ive got some buttons that i purchased in a designer-ish shop in hampstead like years ago determined to use them in my art work and STILL havent used them! If i ever find them(lets hope i will) i will bring them to you next time i come to chi!! aaand ill also be a lovely friend but a naughty graddaughter and steal some cute russian buttons from my granny's box when im back home!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Ohhhh please doooooo! ahhhh I WANT RUSSIAN BUTTONS! soo bad! eeeee i love you kristina! it will not make you a naughty grandaughter it will make you an amazing amazing button loving friend! :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx