Thursday, 17 March 2011


I really wanted to find the video of Malcolm in the Middle where Dewey and the old lady are sorting through her buttons, and Dewey puts his favourite one in his mouth to keep... and i searched and search and eventually I FOUND IT!
In Spanish...
and also YouTube would not let me download this one so I can only give a link, but it's definitely worth watching.


So, here are some print screens, as I felt sad that there was no video to have on here...
So they look through her buttons
She makes him spit it out, and is very angry.

Dewey explains the only reason he did this was because it was pretty and she agrees...

So they make a tent and talk about their imaginary friends...

What a lovely story! haha, well, you have to watch it, but it is in Spanish so unless you can understand Spanish you may get a bit lost, but then I suppose you can refer back to this.
There is a reason for everything.

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