Thursday, 16 September 2010


I have done my hair red, very painful, bleach is not my friend.
BUT yes I am no longer going to university, as everything kind of told me not too, so thats that one out there.

I watched a film last night called 'The Island' good old Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson, it's supposed to be a futuristic film but only in 2015, the film was made in 2005, so surely they would know there wont be flying motorbikes, and flying trams in 10 years. It is all a bit ridiculous, but I guess that its well done, like graphically, theres just not really that much to say about it, so there we have it.

How we roll lyk m8.

I cant really be bothered to write a lot, so I am just going to fill this with recent pictures. And if your lucky, YOU'LL EVEN GET A CAPTION OR TWO.

I made some dresses, as I treated myself to a new sewing machine that is not pink or covered in hello kitty stickers. But it works beautifully! This was my last night with Tiana I made her stroganoff, we drank Lambrini, lie the classy ladies we are!

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