Monday, 19 July 2010

Yellow ochre

I have not written anything in a long while, well I i think not anyway. I don't know what to do with myself now college is over. I don't want to go to work all of the time, I just want to spend my time painting, reading good books, or watching good films that make me want to paint. I do not want to forget how to, so i am setting my self projects in my head, and setting out what i want to do for when i get to falmouth. My current fascination is hands, painting hands is by far one of the hardest things... my last painting had four big hands in which actually turned out rather well, and considering that's something I have always avoided, it's strangely comforting, confronting something I have avoided for so long. Which i suppose I should practice in other aspects of life. Oh dear, anyway, I am doing a painting of my friend Helen, and I have only done her face, but there are some rather large hands waiting for me!
this is the photo

and the painting

It's going quite well, I need to start adding yellow to the face though. It's just ahhhhfgdhskncbfydsjk hard to get motivated, when its this big, there is a lot of empty space to fill, which is quite exhausting, which sounds stupid, but yeah.