Thursday, 6 May 2010


So i got into falmouth, with an unconditional. I found out last night, and well, was rather speechless. Now it's a case of finding houses, sorting out loans and just all of the scary stuff.
I have a video camera now, and I'm trying to learn how to edit , as I have only ever made stop frame animations, but it should go ok, I guess, I want to make a documentary for my final piece, just short clips of people talking about their own self sabotage, for example; why they smoke and drink, first experiences of doing drugs, or general mistakes in life. i want it to have overlaying speech, over twitchy hands or nervous eyes. If you have ever seen the film Gummo (which if you have any interest in anything in life you should) I would like it to have the same sad effect, of realisation, but still quite joyful, as knowing the poeple in the film have no issues with it, and are perhaps ignorant towards what ever subject.
Anyway, off of that subject, I have been neglecting college alot at the moment, just staying at friends and Jasons houses, not doing work, or attempting to at Tj's but it usually ends in alot of drinking, and singing the used from her window. But I don't think I feel the need to put that much effort in now as I know I have a place at Falmouth, but I guess thats definately the wrong way to think about it. I just can't stop thinking about the fatc that soon i will be able to live with Jason in our own little snug :) and I can PAINT PAINT PAINT all I want.
I didn't vote, which I guess is very bad, haha, I went with Jason and his parents when they did, but yeah I dont think I care enough about the subject of politics enough to say my part in voting, I mean its a good conversation topic but, ahhfbhsdnrhdsjnkc.
I don't think I have much more to say, I'm still rather overwhelmed but the whole acceptance thing. But thank you and good night noone.