Thursday, 2 December 2010

Eating snowflakes with plastic forks

So it has snowed a mighty amount here, and it is ridiculously fun! We went out last night at about 10pm with Jason and his Mumma to play, we made a Hunter S Thompson style snow man, which was brilliant, and there is of course pictures above of him...

I have started a new painting, but already am bored of it, probably because where I am working a lot I don't have days to spend on it, only a few hours a day if that and by then it's dark outside and the lightings all wrong and blahblahwhateverotherexcusesicanthinkof.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday, 26 September 2010

travelling swallowing dramamine.

I feel as though I really need to get painting again, I mean I have been, but I have got stuck. Yes stuck. So I have been rooting around the big old world wide web, and looking on booooooom to get myself going, well I am at my mothers, so there is not much I can do now, but hopefully I will still be mentally refreshed by tomorrow evening after work, it is sad that it's come to this, making plans to make art. Hah waiting until a day off work to do what I most possibly do best but not well at all.
Anyway, here we go!Scott Hunt.
I found his charcoal drawings on boom and they are beautiful, I was seriously in love with this one in particular, its so gruesome, but comical at the same time. It is like an old fashioned photograph where they would take photos of the dead, fully dressed, sat up in chairs, as a whole family, and you for some reason hope that a person will appear in the background, smiling, with their thumbs up. And I am quite sure that this satisfies that need.

Michael BorremansWell, I am a massive fan, this isn't a full painting of course, but somehow I appreciate it more, its beautifully simple, and the colours are also, they add a nostalgic feeling like old photographs, which have faded over the years. His brush strokes aren't blended they are lovely and bold, which is something I am so very jealous of as I have never been able to successfully achieve this. I don't know what more to say really.

Well since spending a ridiculous amount of time attempting to write that, and watch Juno on the television, which by the way, although it is a bit of a stupid story, where you know the man will flirt with her and leave his wife, and juno herself is quite a knob to be frank, is very well done, I have lost all thought for art. I am being lazy, I have sudden bursts of needing to paint and collage, but then I realise that I am not at university and may I shouldn't be doing it as some how I am undeserving haha, I wish I understood my brain.
Ok so I am going to move to music, and wack up a few from the top ten...I think there is definitely more than ten in my top ten, but I don't want to number them as they will change and yeah you know the drillllzz

Weezer - Undone the sweater song

The Offspring - Jennifer lost the war

Neutral milk hotel - Oh comely

Nirvana - Anorexorcist

Pixies - Debaser

And of course, everybody have to love some Devo, I couldn't pick a song so you get a picture.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


I have been looking through all of my old college stuff today, and found some videos and pictures that are nice to remember.

Thursday, 16 September 2010


I have done my hair red, very painful, bleach is not my friend.
BUT yes I am no longer going to university, as everything kind of told me not too, so thats that one out there.

I watched a film last night called 'The Island' good old Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson, it's supposed to be a futuristic film but only in 2015, the film was made in 2005, so surely they would know there wont be flying motorbikes, and flying trams in 10 years. It is all a bit ridiculous, but I guess that its well done, like graphically, theres just not really that much to say about it, so there we have it.

How we roll lyk m8.

I cant really be bothered to write a lot, so I am just going to fill this with recent pictures. And if your lucky, YOU'LL EVEN GET A CAPTION OR TWO.

I made some dresses, as I treated myself to a new sewing machine that is not pink or covered in hello kitty stickers. But it works beautifully! This was my last night with Tiana I made her stroganoff, we drank Lambrini, lie the classy ladies we are!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Yellow ochre

I have not written anything in a long while, well I i think not anyway. I don't know what to do with myself now college is over. I don't want to go to work all of the time, I just want to spend my time painting, reading good books, or watching good films that make me want to paint. I do not want to forget how to, so i am setting my self projects in my head, and setting out what i want to do for when i get to falmouth. My current fascination is hands, painting hands is by far one of the hardest things... my last painting had four big hands in which actually turned out rather well, and considering that's something I have always avoided, it's strangely comforting, confronting something I have avoided for so long. Which i suppose I should practice in other aspects of life. Oh dear, anyway, I am doing a painting of my friend Helen, and I have only done her face, but there are some rather large hands waiting for me!
this is the photo

and the painting

It's going quite well, I need to start adding yellow to the face though. It's just ahhhhfgdhskncbfydsjk hard to get motivated, when its this big, there is a lot of empty space to fill, which is quite exhausting, which sounds stupid, but yeah.

Friday, 25 June 2010

A. A. Milne


I found a little beetle, so that beetle was his name,
And I called him Alexander and he answered just the same.
I put him in a matchbox, and I kept him all the day...

And Nanny let my beetle out
Yes, Nanny let my beetle out
She went and let my beetle out-
And beetle ran away.

I found him on my way out of the pub, its that time of year apparently. Anyway, this was the night of the show, which went rather well, not too much alcohol, but just enough obviously, well for me to get so excited over a beetle. Now we are six, was my favourite book as a child, and this was my favourite story, so rather fitting I'd say.
I have finished college now, and I could say it's a relief, but I find myself with nothing to do. I want to set myself projects, and carry on as normal, staying up all night cutting, sticking, and painting. I am also quite adamant that I wont stop painting over the summer. The thought of getting to Falmouth and feeling that I've forgotten how to do so is terrifying.

Well, for college I had to last minute make a film log, and I wrote about 20 films in the space of 24 hours, and I thought it would be a long time until I would want to again.
But here we are with, 'Synedoche New York', I watched it about a week ago, and it is truly beautiful, I have to admit I did spend the whole night thinking about the rest of my life and all of the failings I will endure, and how the people I love will most likely leave me or die, but surely that is the sign of a good film. Phillip Seymore Hoffman plays the main character, Caden Cotard, who in the beginning is a struggling father, dealing with his artist wife who doesn't come to the shows he produces and stays home to get stoned with her friends, and his daughters fear of her 'green poop'.
Throughout it's a battle for him with love and women, and his constant illness and growing fear of death. There is loads of little hints at motifs all the way through the film, like Caden making a huge theatre production to try and make the biggest thing, and how Adele his first wife, paints tiny images which get smaller throughout the film to show how she has achieved her goal and how little she need to do to show it.
It all seems to become so surreal as in his play in the warehouse there are people to play the people who are playing others, there is a warehouse inside of the warehouse where the production is, which is built completely the same, amazingly seems so in scale also, these warehouses just keep getting built into one another. I guess that explains the morbid feeling of death you get after watching it especially with Cadens constant talk about his death and how he goes from doctor to doctor never knowing what is wrong with him, and his daughter dying, who he knew up to the age of seven, then only saw twice more, once naked in a Berlin show girl booth, covered in tattoos of flowers, and again on her deathbed, the flowers have wilted as has she.
BUT I should stop with the boring film talk, that no one wants to read, not that anyone reads this anyway... I guess its just self satisfaction right?
So I guess thats it for tonight. Thankyou and sweet dreams.

Saturday, 19 June 2010


I have finally finished college, waiting on my results. I wont lie, I didn't put that much effort into my sketchbook, as soon as I found out about getting into falmouth I just wanted to focus on getting a final piece done to be proud of, and not to be pushed in any direction I was uncomfortable with, and I think I achieved that.
I hope.

Thursday, 6 May 2010


So i got into falmouth, with an unconditional. I found out last night, and well, was rather speechless. Now it's a case of finding houses, sorting out loans and just all of the scary stuff.
I have a video camera now, and I'm trying to learn how to edit , as I have only ever made stop frame animations, but it should go ok, I guess, I want to make a documentary for my final piece, just short clips of people talking about their own self sabotage, for example; why they smoke and drink, first experiences of doing drugs, or general mistakes in life. i want it to have overlaying speech, over twitchy hands or nervous eyes. If you have ever seen the film Gummo (which if you have any interest in anything in life you should) I would like it to have the same sad effect, of realisation, but still quite joyful, as knowing the poeple in the film have no issues with it, and are perhaps ignorant towards what ever subject.
Anyway, off of that subject, I have been neglecting college alot at the moment, just staying at friends and Jasons houses, not doing work, or attempting to at Tj's but it usually ends in alot of drinking, and singing the used from her window. But I don't think I feel the need to put that much effort in now as I know I have a place at Falmouth, but I guess thats definately the wrong way to think about it. I just can't stop thinking about the fatc that soon i will be able to live with Jason in our own little snug :) and I can PAINT PAINT PAINT all I want.
I didn't vote, which I guess is very bad, haha, I went with Jason and his parents when they did, but yeah I dont think I care enough about the subject of politics enough to say my part in voting, I mean its a good conversation topic but, ahhfbhsdnrhdsjnkc.
I don't think I have much more to say, I'm still rather overwhelmed but the whole acceptance thing. But thank you and good night noone.