Sunday, 22 November 2009


I cannot sleep again, I do not know why or what is wrong even the nytol isn't doing a thing... GOD SAVE ME. So yes I was rudely awoken at about 5am by a beautiful jason not so beautifully throwing up all over my friends carpet, and i have to clear it all alone, GOD. Not fun, but i wasn't so omg like totes 'grossed out' by it, its just food and stomach lining right haha. I am starting to think I have part retardation. This photo explains alot of why I am thinking this, and i guess if you know me that helps even more haha. but yes, work today was bloody awful and dead and there was just stupid customers with uncontrollable children, it's dreadful. 'MUMMY I WANT THESE ONES *cries hysterically*' but oh m god i had amazing parents a few weeks ago, the arguement with the child went something like *child throwing hissy fit crying and screaming* father; 'do you want a new mummy and daddy because if you think your having that you must' mother; 'if you have those ones you can have sweeties...COME ON THEN LETS GO PUMP YOU FULL OF E NUMBERS' oh to have children. luckily i am clear of this for now, but yes. Work just rules my life its sad not just work work but college work and work on how to be a likable person, I need to not care, that would be good if i could just not care, one day wake up and be like FUCK you world hahaha how gay but true I wish I wish alot.

yeah so this is a video I made for graphics week based on the word specimen... WATCH IT BUT DONT. so yes good night. even though I will most definatly not sleep...

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