Wednesday, 18 November 2009

futuristic egg chairs.

So today we got to make chairs out of cardboard, and me and Tj tried so hard to make a beautiful ikea looking egg chair, it was certainly not quite an egg chair but a box... on legs... which had a door and a hole to put your head in haha. I think it as personally damn good! oh the sad existance of me hahaha but aannnyyyywayyyy so yes i had my review finaaalllyyy and was all thumbs up i suppose, apart from you know me hearing my worst points of my personality being pointed out to me, step by step, when you know I think I acttuuaaallyyyy already knew them.
SO ANYWAY. I had a hair cut for the first time last night in like YEAARRRSSS which felt good and made me sleepy but its finally not a blob anymore which i find to be lovelllyyy :) and watched films which is not out of the ordinary but, i like showing other people interesting, cultured, beautiful, yet grousm films, because most people dont even know of them, fuck like darren aronofsky, Pi is just a ridicoulusly amazing piece of just hahgfdujsdcvhdsj so good, and yeah god reqiuem for a dream, dirty and good and theyre just so meanningful, and yet still amazing to watch when your sad and lonely. god I should shhhh silly me. Kristina is coming from london to see all of us on saturday and we're venturing down to the cinema to se NEW MOONNNN haha its sad but you have to have something to truely admire! because we all need it to keep sane... ok right im off TORASEEZYALATAAAAA haha

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