Tuesday, 17 November 2009

cold toes and sleeping boys

I love this photo, Jason, Jenni and I in Camden in London, although I do look like the child catcher out of chitty chitty bang bang , but thats all fine just as long as i dont catch any kids right. haha So wow, god i dont have to start college until 1.15 but ofcourse i am awake now, and have been for quite some hours, jasons bed hurts my back, like sleeping on a lumpy rock or ontop of a crowd of people, with knees and elbows being dug into my spine. Will and grace with crunchy nut cornflakes takes my mind away from this though. So we have to make a 3d piece for college to do with paracitic shit. god heelp meee i dont want to build i want to paint, i want to collage its like making a butterfly walk in high heels, well maybe not so much like that but i think you get the JIST yeah. Ahhhhh spotify you make my life worth having ears, modest mouse YES modest mouse and pixies and nirvana and weezer and just everything amazinnnnggggggg (butyouguysknowthatalreadyright?!YES)
well then,

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