Wednesday, 25 November 2009

my life be like...

God more problems with personal statement, I just cant actually bring myself to finish it. Today was ok, until a certain mother of mine was all angry etc aaahhhh not fun, but yeah its all ok right. SO who is my favourite artist? you tell me please I do not know, Anselm Kiefer- beautiful journal works, and amazing casting, extremly textured and it just makes you want to touch it alll over aha. urrmmmmmmmmmm and right now hes the only person i can think of rright now so i guess that makes him my FAVE ahhh ohh the sunflowers. well I should mostt likely go and sort out my life and night ysyesyesyeysrgryeudxc x

Sunday, 22 November 2009


I cannot sleep again, I do not know why or what is wrong even the nytol isn't doing a thing... GOD SAVE ME. So yes I was rudely awoken at about 5am by a beautiful jason not so beautifully throwing up all over my friends carpet, and i have to clear it all alone, GOD. Not fun, but i wasn't so omg like totes 'grossed out' by it, its just food and stomach lining right haha. I am starting to think I have part retardation. This photo explains alot of why I am thinking this, and i guess if you know me that helps even more haha. but yes, work today was bloody awful and dead and there was just stupid customers with uncontrollable children, it's dreadful. 'MUMMY I WANT THESE ONES *cries hysterically*' but oh m god i had amazing parents a few weeks ago, the arguement with the child went something like *child throwing hissy fit crying and screaming* father; 'do you want a new mummy and daddy because if you think your having that you must' mother; 'if you have those ones you can have sweeties...COME ON THEN LETS GO PUMP YOU FULL OF E NUMBERS' oh to have children. luckily i am clear of this for now, but yes. Work just rules my life its sad not just work work but college work and work on how to be a likable person, I need to not care, that would be good if i could just not care, one day wake up and be like FUCK you world hahaha how gay but true I wish I wish alot.

yeah so this is a video I made for graphics week based on the word specimen... WATCH IT BUT DONT. so yes good night. even though I will most definatly not sleep...

Friday, 20 November 2009

KAY, so I went to a friends last night, and its now 8.07am and i have not slept as of yet. I am sat in the college 'canteeeeen' and dying, but twas good, the hours just pissed by, but ohhhhh i cant stop thinking about ghost world, a friend re-introduced it into my life after a very long time, and i just want to watch it now, or read yaaaa nooooo, god, why wont time go by faster... I just want to see a friendly face, who I can tell all my sorrows (about the insomnia that is). ok so this is guna be a shortunnnnn yes torral8aguyz hahaha

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

futuristic egg chairs.

So today we got to make chairs out of cardboard, and me and Tj tried so hard to make a beautiful ikea looking egg chair, it was certainly not quite an egg chair but a box... on legs... which had a door and a hole to put your head in haha. I think it as personally damn good! oh the sad existance of me hahaha but aannnyyyywayyyy so yes i had my review finaaalllyyy and was all thumbs up i suppose, apart from you know me hearing my worst points of my personality being pointed out to me, step by step, when you know I think I acttuuaaallyyyy already knew them.
SO ANYWAY. I had a hair cut for the first time last night in like YEAARRRSSS which felt good and made me sleepy but its finally not a blob anymore which i find to be lovelllyyy :) and watched films which is not out of the ordinary but, i like showing other people interesting, cultured, beautiful, yet grousm films, because most people dont even know of them, fuck like darren aronofsky, Pi is just a ridicoulusly amazing piece of just hahgfdujsdcvhdsj so good, and yeah god reqiuem for a dream, dirty and good and theyre just so meanningful, and yet still amazing to watch when your sad and lonely. god I should shhhh silly me. Kristina is coming from london to see all of us on saturday and we're venturing down to the cinema to se NEW MOONNNN haha its sad but you have to have something to truely admire! because we all need it to keep sane... ok right im off TORASEEZYALATAAAAA haha

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

cold toes and sleeping boys

I love this photo, Jason, Jenni and I in Camden in London, although I do look like the child catcher out of chitty chitty bang bang , but thats all fine just as long as i dont catch any kids right. haha So wow, god i dont have to start college until 1.15 but ofcourse i am awake now, and have been for quite some hours, jasons bed hurts my back, like sleeping on a lumpy rock or ontop of a crowd of people, with knees and elbows being dug into my spine. Will and grace with crunchy nut cornflakes takes my mind away from this though. So we have to make a 3d piece for college to do with paracitic shit. god heelp meee i dont want to build i want to paint, i want to collage its like making a butterfly walk in high heels, well maybe not so much like that but i think you get the JIST yeah. Ahhhhh spotify you make my life worth having ears, modest mouse YES modest mouse and pixies and nirvana and weezer and just everything amazinnnnggggggg (butyouguysknowthatalreadyright?!YES)
well then,

Monday, 16 November 2009

future ear shoes.

gah today yes we went to chi uni which was a massive waste of time, god derren brown adverts on again its old now fuckkkk offffffff. but yes no it was kind of cool seeing the uni but i just dont like the place, surely if u want to go to uni you go somewhere farrrrr like FALMOUTHHHHH. i feel like him on the left.

Friday, 13 November 2009