Monday, 14 May 2012

One doesn't simply walk into Mordor

 One doesn't simply walk into Mordor
A group of friends and myself are doing a sponsored walk to raise money for CLIC SARGENT. The title of this post doesn't really explain much, but the reason for the title is because we are walking from a golf course just north of London called 'The Shire' to a apparent shop in Holland called 'Mordor'!
The walk is around 200 miles, and we hope to get there in 10 days, averaging at about 20 miles a day! So we best toughen up the soles of our Hobbitsy feet and raise some money! 

Here is the link for our 'My Donate' page so that anyone interested can donate to a good cause online! 

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 Very much wanting to paint Jason's grandmother.
 Getting there.

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